"Atradius credit insurance has allowed us to conduct business on a greater scale in different areas of the world.”

Financial Analyst, Large Enterprise Electronics Company

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Specialists in trade credit insurance and debt collections, we’re committed to building strong relationships with our customers. We work alongside you to understand and support your business.

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Atradius came out on top in terms of rates, customer service, knowledge of the market and presence in the countries where we traded.

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Credit Insurance

Atradius Credit Insurance helps protect your business against credit risks such as the insolvency of your customers. It is designed for use by small, medium and large businesses.

Global Credit Insurance

Designed for multinational clients, Atradius Global sees your business as a whole while providing on-the-ground local support that mirrors your own geographical reach and multilingual policies.


Our experienced team of Atradius debt collections specialists are located throughout the world to support your collection of outstanding invoices in any country, time zone, currency and language.


Market Monitor - Chemicals - France 2016

Market Monitor

  • France
  • Chemicals/Pharma

21st July 2016

The French chemicals sector continues to grow in 2016, but high labour costs and strict regualtions remain a burden and global competition is strong.

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