Our experienced team of Atradius debt collections specialists are located throughout the world to support your collection of outstanding invoices in any country, time zone, currency and language.

Atradius Collections comprises an experienced team of debt collections specialists and is available to you, regardless of whether you have Credit Insurance with us or not. If you do have an Atradius Credit Insurance Policy, Collections is automatically available to you at no extra charge.



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What can Atradius Collections do for your business?

Nearly all companies will experience a bad debt and may need support in recovering money owed at some time. Our bespoke worldwide debt collection service will support you in the way that is most appropriate for your situation, from simple communications through to legal action.

As debt collections specialists, we know how to exert the right level of pressure to maximise revenue collection. We aim to recover your debt amicably without the need for expensive litigation and find that a proactive and sensitive approach can often yield the best results. For example, a payment plan for a customer experiencing cashflow problems may result in complete settlement of the debt and the retention of a strong working relationship with you.

With the benefit of our worldwide IT infrastructure, the Atradius Collections network is the most integrated in the industry. No matter where you or your debtors are located in the world, we can support your collection of outstanding invoices.


How does Atradius Debt Collections work?

Atradius Debt Collections Process



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Atradius Collections begins work the moment you notify that an invoice is due and has not been paid. We contact your debtor on your behalf, in their language with a representative that is located close to the region in which they are based. With your approval, we negotiate with your debtor to find the speediest solution for revenue collection to settle the debt.

Any communication with your debtor is shared with you. We’re committed to transparency in our relationship with you and, therefore, work closely with you sharing knowledge and information to work smarter and achieve the best results for your business.

If you’re an Atradius Credit Insurance policy-holder, you may manage Collections through your Atradius Atrium account. As a non-policy holder, you may manage your cases through our dedicated online system, Collect@Net.


Is this the right product for your business?

For further information about how we can help with your debt collection requirements, get in touch  to discuss your needs and to learn more how we can support you.


Monitoring your Debt Collections account online

Collect@Net is an online platform to enable our Collections-only customers to access our debt collections expertise and to monitor the progress of all the collection activities.

Atradius Credit Insurance policy-holders will be able to monitor debt collections online through the Atradius Atrium portal. Further information is available on our Group site for both Collect@Net and Atradius Atrium. This site is currently only available in English.


More about Atradius Debt Collections

Our dedicated Atradius Collections website provides additional information about the work of our Debt Collections team. It includes access to customer testimonials and regular publications with tips and examples of ways to manage and reduce unpaid invoices.