Credit Insurance

Atradius Credit Insurance helps protect your business against credit risks such as the insolvency of your customers. It is designed for use by small, medium and large businesses.

Our Trade Credit Insurance helps protect your business from losses that may be caused by the failure of a customer to pay. It is designed to enable your business to trade with confidence and explore new markets or products, knowing that you’re protected against credit risks.

As an Atradius Credit Insurance policy-holder, you’re supported by a team of professionals located close to you and the businesses you trade with. Our local team is familiar with the business environments, customs and laws you operate within. In addition, our global reach and international expertise extends to the markets where your customers and prospective customers are based. This allows us to provide you with the benefit of our worldwide knowledge, combined with a cross-border team that works closely together regardless of where they’re located within the world.


Accounts Receivable Insurance


Benefits of Atradius Credit Insurance

Using Atradius Trade Credit Insurance can provide your business with:

  • increased access to finance, as we can provide your bank with the reassurances they need when extending finance to you
  • support in defining your strategic pathway, through identifying opportunities as well as risks
  • a healthier balance sheet through a reduction in the need for bad debt provision
  • a safety net that provides you with further opportunities for growth, as it enables you to test new markets and products, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be protected against bad debt.


Consistency and transparency with an aligned policy structure

Our Credit Insurance is designed to be simple and effective. It operates within a single policy structure, Modula, which is designed to provide the flexibility to accommodate individual needs and trade exposures, while remaining consistent throughout the world. This can be particularly useful when operating several policies to cover your different customers or markets.

Providing a single policy promotes standardisation and clarity, while the individual modules allow for a custom fit and a policy suited to each individual need.


Benefits of our Modula system include:

  • Consistency across markets and languages – our multilingual underwriters and legal team ensure your policy is clear and promotes the same meaning in all languages
  • Transparency – your policy will only contain conditions that are relevant to you and will not be confused with jargon or conditions that need not apply
  • Easy online administration – you can manage your policy directly through our online system Atradius Atrium to quickly establish credit lines, notify us of claims, track progress and implement changes

Atradius came out on top in terms of rates, customer service, knowledge of the market and presence in the countries where we traded”.

Brett Kelly

Bega Cheese Ltd


Maximise the efficiency of your credit management processes with our online tools

Manage your Credit Insurance account online with Atradius Atrium

You can manage you policy directly through our online system, Atradius Atrium, which allows you to notify us of claims, track progress and make changes in real time. Available at no extra charge for our credit insurance policy holders, Atradius Atrium is a secure, sophisticated web-based policy management service. A single, fully integrated platform, it is designed to put you in control of your credit management processes.
With Atradius Atrium you can:

  • manage credit limits and monitor debtor behaviour
  • submit claims and supporting documents
  • monitor invoice reports and manage credit terms
  • view policy conditions
  • set up email alerts and online notifications
  • View Atradius publications relevant to your buyer sector and country.


Further details about how Atradius Atrium enables you to manage your Credit Insurance Policy at any time of the day, anywhere in the world can be found on the Atradius Group website.


Monitor your portfolio with Atradius Insights

Atradius Insights is a sophisticated online analysis tool. Developed in close collaboration with our customers, it’s designed to help you easily identify risks, monitor your portfolio performance and find new business opportunities. Unrivalled within the credit insurance industry, it sets a new standard for credit management. Further information about how you can use Atradius Insights to get more from your business intelligence is available in English only on the Atradius Group website.


Enhance your Credit Insurance Policy with additional Atradius products

Business debt collection

As an integral part of your Atradius Credit Insurance Policy, you will have access to our debt collection services. Provided for you at no extra charge, Atradius Collections is a specialist debt collection service that acts on your behalf to recoup debt on unpaid invoices.


Atradius Global

Designed for multinational clients, Atradius Global sees your business as a whole while providing on-the-ground local support that mirrors your own geographical reach and multilingual policies.


Special Products

Our Special Products team offer solutions that go beyond what you would normally find as part of a traditional credit insurance policy. This includes high-risk and whole turnover cover as well as unique situations. Further information about Atradius Special Products is available in English only on the Atradius Group website .